Time to bring back the EQB and Homer's other random thoughts

Like everyone else, Homer suffered through the Iggles win over the Niners, given that the Niners ended up playing more than half of the NFC Championship game without a damned quarterback. It was ugly.

As recently as 2010, the NFL had what was called the Emergency Quarterback Rule. They did so after the so-called Body Bag Game, a 1990 slugfest between the Iggles and the Wash Redfaces, when Washington QB's Stan Humphries and Jeff Rutledge were knocked out of the game, and the Skins had to use running back Brian Mitchell as QB or forfeit the game. The Skins lost the game, of course.

The rule was clear:

Teams will be permitted an Active List of 45 players and an Inactive List of eight players for each regular-season and postseason game. Provided, that if a club has two quarterbacks on its 45-player Active List, a third quarterback from its Inactive List is permitted to dress for the game, but if he enters the game during the first three quarters, the other two quarterbacks are thereafter prohibited from playing.

The rule was abolished in 2011, when the NFL allowed teams to dress an additional player at any position, supposedly eliminating the need for an EQB. But that was then. The situation has changed.

Sunday's game showed why having only two QB's dress is not only bad strategy, but bad for the product. But it also showed why a major change in the rules makes restoring the EQB a necessity.

If your first string QB gets hurt, and the second string QB then gets sacked and maybe bumps his head, there's someone in a booth somewhere who decides whether your second stringer has to go into the tent. That means, even if he's not hurt, you are without a QB, and it's not the choice of the coach or player.

There's nothing wrong with having a rule to protect players from playing after possibly being concussed, but there should be some way to protect the players while preserving the integrity of the competition.

Restore the EQB rule, but allow the EQB to play at any time either of the first two QB's are in concussion testing without disqualifying the other two from returning.

Also, on the subject of QB's picked in the 7th round, did anyone notice that a 7th round draft pick - #241 - is actually going to the Super Bowl? The last pick of Kevin Colbert's career, that Chris Okeydokey guy, who got poached off the Steelers' practice squad by Kansas City, and he's gonna be at the big game. So what if he's practice squad for now?

Chris O was very, very much like KP8, in that he was a late bloomer with excellent running ability, but who uses his feet to roll out and buy time, rather than run all the time. And his tape from South Dakota State showed just how he improved and matured throughout his final college season. The MVC is the toughest of the FCS conferences, and Oladokum's old team, the SDS Jackrabbits, won the FCS National Championship earlier this month. beating North Dakota State.

You haven't hard the last of Okeydokey, and the guess here is that Andy Reid is kinda hiding him, just like the Stillers tried to. But Homer's guess is we'll see more of him next year, somewhere.

And speaking of KC, it was good to see Juju catching a pass against Cincy, but it's a shame nobody asked him about how to deal with Bungle cheap shots and dirty plays. Seeing Juju on the field against the Bungles brought to mind the greatest moment in his career....standing over that thug Burfict. In the movie Casablanca, Rick and his former lover Ilsa will always have Paris. Steeler fans and Juju will also always have a special moment - as he stood over Burfict.

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