Central Park sea lion swims free of her enclosure thanks to flooding from heavy rain

The sea lion didn't wander too far from her home and was never out of sight of zoo personnel

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Many people were stuck inside their homes because of all the rain on Friday. But one New York City resident got to roam outside their home thanks to the deluge and floods.

A sea lion at the Central Park Zoo used the floodwaters to swim out of her pool and check out the area, according to Wildlife Conservation Society.

"A female sea lion at Central Park Zoo was able to swim out of her pool due to flooding of the plaza caused by severe rains in New York City today," said Jim Breheny, Director of the Bronx Zoo and Executive Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoos and Aquarium.

But the mammal, a female, didn't wander too far from her home and was never out of sight of zoo personnel, Breheny said in a statement.

"Zoo staff monitored the sea lion as she explored the area before returning to the familiar surroundings of the pool and the company of the other two sea lions," said Breheny.

Once the water levels went back down, the sea lions were once again contained inside their habitat. The zoo was closed for the day due to the weather, so no visitors were at risk, and staff was not in any danger, according to Breheny. The sea lion remained inside the zoo at all times, not getting across the secondary perimeter.


"Thanks @NYPDCentralPark for helping to set the record straight!," Breheny said in a post on social media later Friday evening. "After briefly exploring the flooded plaza inside the zoo, sea lion Sally returned to the enclosure, the flood waters receded & all is well @centralparkzoo w/ our sea lions all safely content in their exhibit."

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