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I've been a sports fan since I was about 7 years old. The first game I remember vividly watching was Super Bowl XIV between the Steelers and Los Angeles Rams. I've been hooked ever since. My first love is the Steelers, but I'm also a huge Pirates fan and even though it's been painful the last two decades, I'm hoping they can give me some more great memories like they did in the early 90's. I'm not the biggest hockey fan in the world, but I'm learning to appreciate the sport more and more. I also love PITT athletics and college football and basketball, in general.

It seems as if NFL fans have become desensitized to extraordinary things

Are we ever wowed by anything in today’s NFL? It sure doesn’t seem like it. In fact, we almost expect the impossible.

The NFL hosted its first-ever Pro Bowl Games, and nobody got hurt

The NFL hosted its first-ever Pro Bowl Games over the weekend, and nobody got hurt...well, except for Myles Garrett.

It’s hard to believe the NFL allowed inappropriate questions to be asked to draft prospects

You’d think head coaches and general managers would automatically have the common sense not to ask draft prospects totally inappropriate questions during pre-draft visits and interviews. Unfortunately, the NFL had to step in and warn them.

It will be easy to watch Super Bowl XLVII without having a rooting interest

Super Bowl XLVII between the Chiefs and Eagles will be a very compelling matchup, and that’s how it should be viewed. No need to have a rooting interest in mind. No need to have a contrived enemy to cheer against. Just watch for the fun of watching. It’s better that way.

Tom Brady has retired...for now

Tom Brady is officially retired....maybe.

13 things I want Steelers fans to stop saying and doing this offseason

Here are 13 things I want you to stop saying and doing this offseason.

The NFL postseason was dull and disappointing this year

It’s hard to name a compelling moment or great game from these NFL playoffs.

Two teams will advance to the Super Bowl Sunday, and that’s a great thing

I’m already jealous of the two teams that will advance to the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m also envious of their fans and all of the fun they’re going to have over the next two weeks.

Why do some fans even watch the NFL if they think it’s “rigged”?

If you think there’s a grand conspiracy to fix professional sporting events—including NFL games involving the Steelers—why do you even watch?

It would be a mistake for the NFL to move conference title games to neutral sites

It would be a mistake for the NFL to move its conference title games to neutral-site locations. It would also be a slap in the face to its fans.