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2018 NFL Draft Analysis

2018 Steelers Big Board (By Position, 2.0)

It is that time of the year again! Time to dust off the latest Big Board, although slightly abridged, as we lead up to the NFL Draft!

Pro Football Focus gives a glowing take on the Steelers Oklahoma State rookie duo

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected two Oklahoma State offensive players in the 2018 NFL Draft, and PFF thinks the picks could pay big dividends.

Breaking down just how Marcus Allen can help the Steelers secondary

Can Marcus Allen can give the Steelers’ secondary another weapon, or will he be nothing more than a special teams ace? Let’s prognosticate.

NFL Insiders view Mason Rudolph as a middle-of-the-road NFL quarterback

The Pittsburgh Steelers believe they may have their next starting quarterback in Mason Rudolph, and NFL Insiders aren’t saying he will, or won’t, be just that.

How Jaylen Samuels “Mr. Everything” can help the Steelers from Year 1

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted their own Swiss Army Knife when they picked Jaylen Samuels in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Breaking down the Steelers latest product to enter the ‘WR Factory’

Among the Steelers 2018 NFL Draft class, James Washington hasn’t been talked about as much as the defenders. Time to change all that...

Watch Mason Rudolph get grilled on the white board by Steve Mariucci

See what the Pittsburgh Steelers third round pick does with the pressure of former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci grilling him.

Are Mason Rudolph’s throwing mechanics a cause for concern for the Steelers?

If Mason Rudolph is going to be the next franchise quarterback for the Steelers, are his throwing mechanics in need of fixing?

Answering the burning questions surrounding the Steelers after the 2018 NFL Draft

Taking the time to answer the burning questions surrounding the 2018 black-and-gold.

How Jaylen Samuels can be just what the doctor ordered for the Steelers offense

The Steelers newest offensive weapon could be a game changer.

Best and Worst case scenarios for Steelers’ draft class

Taking a look at the best, and worst, case scenarios for the Steelers 2018 draft class.

Steelers 2018 Rookie Highlights: Marcus Allen brings the boom for Penn State

Check out what Marcus Allen was able to do while at Penn State.

Anonymous NFL scouts shed serious light on the Steelers’ 2018 Draft

An NFL insider talks about Terrell Edmunds, and the upside of Mason Rudolph.

If Chukwuma Okorafor mangles defenders the way people mangle his name, he will be an elite tackle

He may have a name that's hard to spell and say, but if Chukwuma Okorafor can refine his impressive skill-set, the Steelers third-round pick out of Western Michigan will be a special left tackle.

Lessons learned from the Steelers 2018 Big Board, and the actual NFL Draft

Talent evaluators at BTSC and in the media weren’t wrong about Terrell Edmunds and other draft "surprises." Neither were the teams.

“Position Flexibility” makes Jaylen Samuels an exciting addition

The Pittsburgh Steelers late round addition could make a huge impact on the team’s offense next season.

ESPN hands the Steelers some dubious awards for their 2018 NFL Draft class

The Pittsburgh Steelers took some risks, and the worldwide leader in sports isn’t buying what the black-and-gold are selling.

James Washington talks about playing alongside Antonio Brown, and the Steelers taking Mason Rudolph

James Washington is the latest player to be selected into the ‘Wide Receiver Factory’ that is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Get to know a little more about the Oklahoma State wide out.

Regardless of Ben Roethlisberger’s comments, the Steelers have to prepare for the future

Ben Roethlisberger made waves by saying he wants to play another 3-5 years, but the Steelers had no choice but to prepare for the future.

Steelers saved Mason Rudolph from being drafted by the Bengals

The Pittsburgh Steelers did to the Bengals what Cincinnati usually does to them.

2018 NFL Draft Reaction: Steelers finish controversial draft strong

The Steelers are hoping they saw something in first-round pick Terrell Edmunds that most of the NFL pundits missed. But it’s hard — nigh on impossible, really — to deny the high upside and value they added on Day Three.

Steelers 2018 Rookie Highlights: Terrell Edmunds flashes playmaking ability

Check out what Terrell Edmunds was able to do while at Virginia Tech.

Draft Grades: Giving an overall grade to the Steelers 2018 draft class

The dust has settled, and time to take a level headed approach to the Steelers 2018 NFL Draft class.

Winners and Losers of the Steelers 2018 NFL Draft

Even when the team makes their yearly additions through the draft, there are winners and losers. Time to weigh-in.

Mason Rudolph: “I bring a whole lot more experience, and character” than other QBs drafted

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ third round selection certainly has a chip on his shoulder.

Mason Rudolph is proof you can never have too many heirs to the throne of a franchise QB

Will Mason Rudolph, the Steelers lthird-round pick out of Oklahoma State, become a legit heir apparent to Ben Roethlisberger? It's too soon to tell, but with this pick coming just one season after the drafting of Josh Dobbs, Pittsburgh is obviously not putting all of its eggs in one basket.

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Did Kevin Colbert just pull of the best offseason of his career?

The Pittsburgh Steelers offseason moves might just be the best job Kevin Colbert as done while being with the organization.

3 Undrafted Free Agents who could turn heads for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers added 13 undrafted free agents after the 2018 NFL Draft. 3 of those 13 could very well make the team.

Stock Report: See whose stock is rising and falling after the 2018 NFL Draft

A lot went down over the weekend, and it is time to see whose stock is rising and falling after the 7-round process concluded.

2018 NFL Draft Grades: Mel Kiper rips Steelers draft, considered worst in AFC North

The Pittsburgh Steelers certainly defied logic at times throughout the 2018 NFL Draft, and ESPN analyst Mel Kiper wasn’t a huge fan of the draft class.

Steelers added more talent to a team strength by picking James Washington in the 2nd round

Despite their need to bolster other positions, it was actually kind of a relief that the Steelers picked receiver James Washington in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Predicting the Steelers ‘digit identity’ for the 2018 Draft class

BTSC guesses which numbers will be assigned to each new drafted Steeler.

NFL Draft: Know your new Steelers enemies after Day Three

Check out newly-minted Steeler rivals arriving to the AFC North courtesy of the draft.

Game breakdown of Terrell Edmunds shows the versatility the Steelers covet

The Pittsburgh Steelers top draft pick certainly brings versatility to the table. Check out the game breakdown to see for yourself.

Not all NFL Draft “experts” hated the Steelers pick of Terrell Edmunds

While Steelers fans around the globe scratched their heads, there were some NFL Draft analysts who liked the team’s top pick.

Draft Grades: Experts suggest a rebound for the Steelers after Day 3

See what the experts are saying regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Day 3 draft picks.